Vagabonds with appetites.

Aimee and Patrick quit their jobs in favor of adventure. They’re driving across the U.S. in a Winnebago Minnie, eager to see how people eat outside the Bay Area bubble; to connect with farmers, chefs and friends; to take hikes, ride bikes, laze around in the sun.

More About Aimee

Aimee Sands is a thirty-something homebody with a severe case of wanderlust. An RV road trip suits her perfectly, since she’s able to take her house with her wherever she goes. She has more than ten years experience in corporate communications and marketing, with a focus in the natural/organic food industry. She’s passionate about great meals and loves to putz around in the kitchen with fresh, local ingredients. She has an uncommonly good memory for useless dates, is a bookworm and gets excited when she has the opportunity to use the word “qua” during Scrabble games (dictionary.com word of the day, October 19, 2006). She is always hungry. Email her: aimee[at]propanekitchen[dot]com

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