q: Where are you going? 

a: You can check out our Itinerary to see where we’ve been and where we’re heading. We love travel tips, camping suggestions and even company on the road!

q: Have you heard about the dreadful economy and unemployment rate?

We feel extremely fortunate that it has not been a time of personal recession, and leaving our careers was not a decision either of us took lightly. At the same time, we’re trying not to worry too much about jobs. We’re both smart people – hard workers who contribute the success of our employers. We will be that again. Right now, though, we have no real responsibilities – we rent, we own our cars, we don’t have kids or even a pet. Someday we hope to have a home and a family, but right now? We’re grabbing this small slice of time as an opportunity to explore and grow and relax.

q:  What are you doing with all your stuff?

a:  We’re selling some things, giving away others, and storing everything we love and think we’ll absolutely need again. This last category is by far the largest.

q:  Will you still get along by the end?

a:  Dear god, we hope so.

q:  How did you get so lucky?

a:  We don’t know, but we sure are grateful!

q: How many pairs of shoes are you bringing?

a: Five : sneakers, hiking boots, cowboy boots, a pair of sandals, flats and flip-flops.  Whoops – that’s six. We each have a “shoe den” under the seats of the dinette where we can stash our footwear.

q: How can we reach you?

a: Email us at info[at]propanekitchen[dot]com or become a fan of our Facebook page.

7 thoughts on “FAQs

  1. Hi Patrick! It’s Nikki (Glazier) Hodge. If you’re coming through Tucson, AZ let me know, I’m happy to make recommendations or offer a spare bedroom.

    • Hey Nikki! Great to hear from you. We will certainly be headed down to the SW this fall. I’m not sure if we’ll make it that far south but if we do I’ll take you up on that offer.

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