Beer & Gear

Wherein Patrick extols the virtues of the beer we’re drinking and the gear we’re bringing on the road.


The Minnie



Kootenai River Brewing Company

Click here to read about how we drank some Kootenai River Brewing Company beers before their tasting room even opened.

Deschutes Brewery Tour

Bend Oregon: place of bikes and beer.  Two things very dear to my heart.  We’re on a tight timeline to get to our reservation in Glacier Nat’l Park so I only get to enjoy one of the two.  Which one? BEER.  Hell, you can ride bikes anywhere but there’s only one Deschutes Brewery.

We did the tour and tasting.  Four four ounce pours but no one was counting.  My favorite was the Black Butte Porter 23.  Their 23rd anniversary Imperial Porter.  11% ABV and so tasty.  Later that evening we drove by the actual Black Butte and nearly camped in its shadow.

After a long day on the road we slipped into Snively Hot Springs along the Owyhee River to relax then made dinner and put back the porter.  The view was as good as the beer.

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