Slow Starts

Up Overlook Trail just outside of town on First St West, Sonoma, this May day feels like summer.  A week  ago the trail was muddy, now the red dust rises in puffs and the light in the meadow wavers in the sun.  Seed heads are turning brown. I see a pair of titmice, an orange-bellied snake, and a dozen lizards who race down the trail then freeze, testing their camouflage.  The Manzanita vibrates with cicadas, but the creaking buzz stops when I walk by.  They’re testing their instruments, sliding their bows against un-tuned violins, too shy to keep up the song if there’s an audience.That’s how a writing project feels after so much time – stiff, squeaking, testing the same old words again, again, again.

1 thought on “Slow Starts

  1. I was looking at a magazine about Glacier and saw an article about a waterolor artist who runs a deli in Columbia Heights, Montana, on U.S. Hwy #2 the five lane main drag en route to Glacier.(Blink twice and you miss it) The deli is named Phyggs and he displays his watercolors – mainly wildlife & scenery on the walls. His name is Greg Trenerry. Maybe you can grab a good sandwich while you look at the art.
    Have Fun!!!

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