Where Were We Wednesdays (#11)

Each week in WWWW I post a photo of somewhere we’ve visited during our trip. Guess where we were, and you could win a little prize! I’m pretty excited about this week’s giveaway – our winner will receive an ear of “pops on the cob” popcorn from the great Corn Palace in Mitchell, SD.

Here’s this week’s picture.

Where Were We?


Enter by posting in the “Comments” section. Guess as many times as you wish. Winner chosen at random from all correct answers. It might help to look back at our Itinerary or our Facebook albums.

Last Week’s Winner

This photo was taken at the Baha’i Temple in Chicago. Judy, Patrick’s mom, had the correct answer but her loving sons deemed it cheating, as she was with us when it was taken. I’m not going to get in the middle of that…However, Mike Kelso also answered correctly via Twitter. Mike, congrats!

1 thought on “Where Were We Wednesdays (#11)

  1. My guess is Big Sur CA- I do want to thank you for my souvenir penny and beautiful shells…I look at them every day- and think of you guys.

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