Kicking Back and Cleaning Up

No one believes us when we say this, but we’ve been busy. Really. Sure, we’re not working, but we’re intent on getting as much out of this trip as possible, and the daily hikes, bike rides, plans, hunts for campsites and 26-point turns to get the RV out of dead-end forest service roads can be a bit tiring.

So, we took the day off. We’re hunkered down at a state park near Escalante, UT, in a site complete with water, electricity and even WiFi, which is quite a treat considering we typically hang out in McDonald’s parking lots when we need to get online. In addition, there’s a tremendous thunderstorm going on, sending small streams rushing down the red dirt road which was dry and parched just hours ago. Even if we hadn’t been lying low this rain would certainly have prevented any slot canyon exploration or serious hiking.

Instead, like many of you, I’m using my Sunday to scrub the bathroom and the kitchen.

When living on the road, standards of cleanliness tend to get a bit loose. Though I rely heavily on those handy Method wipes, the combination of dusty back roads, limited water supplies and our endless tracking-in of dirt means the Minnie is more “neat” rather than “clean” most of the time. When we’re boondocking, as we often do, we can make our 36-gallon water tank last a good four or five days if we use the sink/facilities sparingly. In fact, I’ve been known to lick a spoon really well and call that good enough. And if the decision is between washing my own face or thoroughly scouring the sink I have to say I opt for personal hygiene. Today, I’m taking full advantage of our water hookup to make the whole RV sparkle. The effects should last a good hour or so, until we venture outside and bring back some fresh red mud.

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