Geneva-on-the-Lake, Ohio

It had been windy all day; Patrick had to struggle to keep the Minnie centered in our lane. By evening the air had stilled. We stopped to watch the sun melt into Lake Erie. A young girl, searching for beach glass and pretty stones, gave me two shells she’d found. So far, Ohio is beautiful.

Lake Erie, Geneva-on-the-Lake, Ohio

Ohio seems to inspire beautiful music, too. In honor of crossing into the Buckeye State, here’s an all-Ohio playlist.

1. Blind Pilot – Miss Ohio (a cover of a Gillian Welch song)

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2. Damien Jurado – Ohio

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3. The Low Anthem – To Ohio

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4. Modest Mouse – Ohio

5. Sun Kil Moon – Carry Me Ohio

Where Were We Wednesdays (#1)


What better way to show off some of the zillions of additional photos we’ve taken than to introduce a new series, Where Were We Wednesdays. Each week, I’ll post a never-before-blogged photo and ask You, loyal blog reader to tell us Where We Were when the pic was taken. The winner will receive a postcard or other little prize. Fun, eh? Maybe? I hope so.

Here’s the first photo to kick things off!

Where were we?


Enter by posting in the “Comments” section. Guess as many times as you wish. Winner chosen at random from all correct answers. It might help to look back at our Itinerary or our Facebook albums.

Statistics & Lessons from Four Months on the Road

We’ve now been on the road for four months, long enough that our former lives are just a hazy memory. We’re in our Winnebago Groove.

Random Statistics

  • Miles driven by Patrick: 10,000ish
  • Miles driven by Aimee:  Look! Was that a squirrel?
  • Miles hiked: 367
  • States/Provinces: 14
  • National Parks/Monuments Explored: 26
  • Scenic Byways Traveled: 22  (yes, we really have a list of all the Scenic Byways we’ve driven) Continue reading

Gear: The Minnie

This post is part of Patrick’s Beer & Gear series. We realize we’ve talked a lot about the Minnie without giving her a proper introduction!

The real estate agent said, “The house is only 160 square feet but the yard is upwards of two billion acres.”  We said, “Sold!”

Since early July this 2004 Winnebago Minnie has been our only home.  Most of our belongings are stored away in a POD. We have only what we can carry on our backs and in the various drawers and compartments of the Minnie.  So far, it’s been just enough space for us.  Here’s what the floor plan of our house looks like:

We get lots of questions from non-RV folks about her so here are some vital specs. Continue reading

A Month by the Numbers

The 12th marked our first full month out on the road, but we’ve been canoeing on a remote lake and couldn’t document the occasion here.  Some quick statistics from our trip so far:

3,826 – miles driven by Patrick

107 – miles driven by Aimee

113 – miles hiked

5 – states

2 – Canadian provinces

6 – National Parks/Monuments

1,709 – photos taken

5,000 (approx.) – times Aimee has exclaimed, “look at that!”

1 – bottle of wine shattered when the refrigerator popped open on a curve

1 – glass bottle of sticky limeade shattered when the fridge popped open

21 – curses uttered while cleaning up the above

83 – meals made in the Minnie

11 – meals eaten out

1 – parking ticket

22 – nights camped for free

1 – harmonica received from fellow travelers met on the road

4 – old college friends hugged

3 – former colleagues visited

0 – regrets

Cape Perpetua

First Days Out

All night long the thunder cracked and ricocheted down the rocky walls of the Owyhee River Canyon, rain pelting the roof of the Minnie just a foot above our heads in our sleeping loft. Between flashes of lightning, the full moon peeked out through cloud breaks, washing the sagebrush and willows in pale blue light. It was not a restful night, but thrilling to hear the storm crash over us. We slept late and woke to clear skies and a warm breeze. We bumped over the short sandy track up to the main road, and drove out of the red-walled ravine into farmland.

Continue reading

Dispatch From an Air Mattress

For dinner tonight we indulged in my sentimentality and went to The Red Grape, the place where all of this began.  Where, on our very first date we talked so long they started to put the chairs up all around us. The Red Grape, on First St West in Sonoma, a local’s spot for casual pizza and pasta, just down the very same street where we found our first home together.

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Introducing…The Minnie.

She’s a 2004 Winnebago, 22 feet from bumper to bike rack, equipped with a Queen size bed, two showers (indoor and outdoor), a dinette, sleeper sofa and a three-burner propane stove. She has everything we need, which is important, since she’ll be our home for the next year. Beginning in July, Patrick and I are heading out across the country for small-time adventures and lot (and lots) of meals on the road.

We are awfully excited.